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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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and there's now a twenty four hour wait for europe's first sat nav system to blast off from french they are. also russia and the netherlands are teaming up to greet one of the largest world but also. born this new business out to eat around twenty minutes to . news from russia under around the world this is r.t. with me thanks for joining us anton one story now greece's. forty eight hour practice is into its second day and athens is bracing for another show of force outside parliament is they're preparing to give final approval to even more tough cuts in the desperate attempts to stave off bankruptcy wednesday's protest so around one hundred thousand protesting and clashing with police. as in athens for us. you can see the crowds gathered behind me hailed syntagma square outside the
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parliament building already the numbers much larger today than they were yesterday at the same time again very peaceful as it was yesterday people turning out with that data and they're protesting against the austerity cuts they're going to be a vote it through it's the latest poll of the getting initial approval yesterday then of course we saw it late in the day this great descending into very chaotic things indeed whispered at the close of the people here because as we said they've really lost the faith in their government in the euro zone need its ability to be able to find a way out of this to find a solution and certainly the solutions that have been come up with say five really haven't been tenable for the people who have the i mean we care about all these the stare it's because of this actually means to the people the state has been to is just because of tax hikes and employment in the country they've got a new generation of famous people here these are people who are in the middle
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classes who lost their jobs couldn't deal with the taxes couldn't make their rent enable people you know well educated and told intents and purposes credits were able to work but there simply aren't the prospects here in the country around she carried out this is the cost the most you can really notice the decline you can see the economy faltering the shops everywhere close a lot of people we speak to businesses said about the modest difference very profitable business is the goal and now it's totally going to something that affects everyone and you can see this it's a greatest of all ages you got people who are in this movie is sixteen seventeen or rice that's attention it's the fact that every single person here what people are saying is they fill space in the government why do they even have to vote if the government are ignoring the event in the country saying not just a financial deficit but they say they have a democratic deficit as well. as a greece is the epicenter of the euro zone's troubles for some of europe's waters
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the problems will only deepen unless governments admits the euro currency was a mistake. well what needs to be recognized is the greece is of course boston as we know and we need they need to have a default they need to stop paying all the money that they're paying to base financial institutions and start going to invest in their economy to try and get the economy moving again and of course leave the euro and that needs to be done that is inevitable to do told you should happen very soon whether it will or not is another matter because the politicians are so wedded to the idea of trying to protect the euro but that is a freak mistake is becoming a ticking time bomb the longer they leave it the more told me to be moved by the streets of athens or be more plain old by the greek people that's what happens when you take away people's democracy and our. relatively small clique of people and they risk dragging down the whole of the union as long as they stick with the euro the euro is a step too far in terms of political integration it's
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a political measure that doesn't make economic sense we can see that they need to wake up and recognize it as well things and this are better than america where thousands of people are digging in where there aren't a corporate protests it's week five of the occupy wall street rally they call against the blood of banks and washington's weakness and doing something about it is a growing gap between rich and poor is something which could cause the government here has been a chicken explains. a class war seemed impossible in a country were being wealthy is part of the national green good as thousands march on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against the system that they claim works only for the benefit of the super rich individuals and corporations many ask whether america is facing a class war that are tied with the rich are getting richer while the middle class is collapsing clara's war is being waged in a burka on fortunately the wrong side is winning the so-called one percent of
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winners are the nation's top corporations which this year in the. it's very slow growth as non the less made record profits but thanks to various loopholes many of these corporations pay little or nothing in parts of the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more in to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government tax them more and to my question how many americans has chevron hired since the tax breaks were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said speech there were up slightly a few thousand in our upstream business over the years but not significantly not significantly on our chevron payroll a few thousand jobs for the billions of dollars in tax stimulus that the government gave the economy same erika's largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars and not investing in the economy unemployment in the us remains
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over nine percent when we live in a nation where corporations could profit off a child dying at the same time with their parents into bankruptcy because they're trying to pay for these kids medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall street answer to people's rage and if you kill wall street will be nobody held great jobs but as one of the protesters try to put a word of objection we call it all done all done it's not your show monkey i'm talking to these people hold on i'm not talking to you you can. talk if you personal success and money have always been part of the american dream the rich the aspiration to become rich is deeply ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream in fact it could be the end of it and the
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beginning of a class war i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. and on the way later this hour i witnesses and leave it a save point is have over run the last holdout over the loyalist in his hotel absurd. one man has just returned from the besieged city tells of his past hand account of the humanitarian desperation being suffered by civilians trapped that the stories coming out. and overlooking history's lessons at least where he declared twenty eleven remember it's what holocaust victims but it's actually targeting survivors of the mass genocide we'll tell you by. the way to let peacekeepers have reportedly five protests at a disputed border in northern kosovar they're beginning to remove barricades set up by ethnic serbs after they failed to do so themselves for notion is in kosovo right now and she is joining us live so very can you tell it's more about what's
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happening that so we've heard about heard reports of tear gas being used on protesters the water you're seeing on the ground there. one of the barricades erected trails no can call showed you the place so that you need to just park to all mothers away from the border we've sure been there was a huge pull out here from one side which is see soldiers old key for the nature of that peacekeeping force he calls they are brought here earlier in the morning i can see right now it's just one hundred of them and they all armed and in drive d a z i right here all i need what i can see we are all the peoples of the result so huge convoy near the front yard into bonita to our triple to carry case fight for the barricades that is blocking the main road that connecting that is connecting the southern part of. the north and the serbian from the other side of this serves i
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can see these three hundred of them right now he gathered trying to prevent to keep the peacekeepers from would be right to keep from removing mary-kate from the rambutan and child in from thomas on a situation is very is very clear. from time to time. came for soldiers not using loudspeakers calling on the crowd to disperse really trying to remind the dropdown relate to them i'm tired. of this otherwise if you. are not moving they are provided with the will to. match because from time to time take for using not what is not exactly. gas that happens for a but actually that has the same inputs on the human being as t. a car so stations very tight but it's quite capable so far but it's very demanding
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and actually is the wrong at least can case like this one here is from recall so weak fact more incidents like these. on have these drugs to die and actually we can people here say that this is kind of a job because last month the case for really tried to use force the removing very case then that led to violence and people here are frightened the wrong fears and fear the growing that they could be fiction this time as well. they did that on the ground quite a while right now so can we expect any escalation of the situation that. as i said would be so last month when the case for tried to dismantle garrick i. don't know who calls to do you speak as a guide and it's been rather the bullets again for the past of the battle against
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unarmed peaceful to putin's unarmed peaceful calls for insurgents and that funds at least seven people were injured so i think we can expect this housing like that and has been based on because on wednesday. it was a meeting between two. thirds did and came for and that's the actually failed to reach any solution on their own didn't go into the crisis so right now. there is no any talks between them and there is no any situation for change that's the only the only actually mulch and they have to try to remove that by force by we can expect that potion to be more escalation in you know the calls to the. artie's there if the national live from northern cost of an area thank you very much indeed and of course you can follow an area on twitter as well and john locke learned from the internet for democracy and corporation joins us now live from
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paris to look and thank you very much indeed for time so abstract nato peacekeepers moved in air to can things down but are clashes and tear gas against protesters were the result so what does this tell us about the how high feelings are running that. it shows a very highly indeed the fact is that nato will cater for is not behaving as a peacekeeping force on the contrary they are igniting a conflicts they are really noting a conflict which has been quiet for more than ten years they are exacerbating the feelings on both sides when instead what they should be doing is to allow the situation to calm down for as many years as possible. and they are doing this in the name of in forcing control over the whole of costs of focus of the being of course a socialist province of serbia while denying to the serbs in the north of kosovo the right to secede from the secession that's province in other words nato for and
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the western powers who control these troops are doing what they have done throughout the entire history of the breakup of yugoslavia which began well a very long time ago in one nine hundred ninety one it's been going on for decades they are granting the rights to certain populations to secede from the overall unit did lying it to others and until they saw taht this basic contradiction in their policy conflicts like it will continue can we expect them to see naysayers military action into the region. yes i think so i think the fact that. nato has decided as i say to reignite this frozen conflict means that they are determined to enforce control over the whole of kosovo after all if we go back to
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two thousand and eight when the exploration on independence was eight and in kosovo for almost a decade by them the war in one thousand nine hundred nine was a distant memory and there was no need to push as the western powers did for that declaration what's happening today in northern ca suppose the direct result of that is the direct result of this ridiculous idea that kosovo is an independent state or that it can be an independent state a four and you led us in other words the european union or for it is which. now run kosovo illegally by the way because only the united nations has authority and costs a vote they're determined to push this policy through not to its logical conclusion and i'm afraid it's a very bad sign it's bodes very ill for those serbs who are hanging on in the north of the problems of peace talks between castle and said there fail to agree on removing the be ok there now that said how do you estimate their chances of opening
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go sating now. i think they have been greatly reduced after all as soon as you have any sort of violence and negotiations become much more difficult because obviously passions are inflamed and positions become entrenched on both sides frankly i think that the policy of negotiation was always going to be a bit of a dead end but enough belgrade wanted to try it these latest developments i think show of belgrade's policy for the futile waste of time that it is that a policy of course consists in doing everything that europe the european union demands of it or at least nearly everything while pretending to the serbian population that it is still seeking to reintegrate kosovo into serbia proper but i'm sure the serbian people now see through that i'm sure they see that their government's policy is effectively duplicitous and as far as the people on the
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ground are concerned i think it's a very sad day for them. i see both cassava there need to resolve the issues before either can try and move forward with plans like for either recognition or you membership is a step back for both of them. well if you mean by step back. no less likely to join the european union i agree however i don't for a moment agree that it's a step back you just carried a report from greece we can all see that the european union is in its death throes the euro is about to break up greece is about to declare bankruptcy there could be a financial crash in western europe france's credit rating is under threat all these things are happening now in europe it is ridiculous to assume that serbia or any other state can join the european union at this stage and in any case why would they want to it's an organization that is as i see it in its death throes and which
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has many many structural problems which are bringing it down so if there is one good thing that comes out of this if one can search for one silver lining in the charge it would indeed be to say that serbia is not further thank god for the ship that she was a few weeks ago. john laughlin from instead of democracy and cooperation in paris thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with it. and some other developments we're getting here at r.t. from levy and these are live pictures from search right now for you wait saw as the new leadership zemaitis had taken are they conducted the final holdouts in the colonel's hometown reports a third has now fallen service it is been besieged for weeks with thousands of civilians trapped in the crossfire with a new regime regarding it as this symbolic last step to victory of the khadafi and early al cassy recently returned from set and he says these humanitarian situation
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there is dire. there is no water. there is no. medication even oxygen in the hospital they don't turn the situation into it. because i feel i can assure you. if you. move through the city now it's it's it's disaster it's a catastrophe i mean the international law. or the international community that the resolution one seven three came to protect civilians but. this is not happening at the moment they don't want gadhafi that's a political issue most of the libyans i would say would rather live peacefully with them have been girl here to all get off it we don't want to get there if you will that we don't want for example if the solution was needed to get our views better
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our life was better driver to libya any time only that he was involved but now a culture of live pictures from their fear and ali al can see was recently returning from the besieged city of sirte talking to r.t. earlier on and of course we'll bring you more on the rapidly changing developments in sirte here on r.c. and if you had now to ask dot com got a live report on that civilians caught up in the violent. moving on our list when he declared this year's one of remembrance for the country's holocaust victims but that doesn't include focusing on the brutality of the people endured and the night is as r.t. has pulled its live reports it's trying to see the survivors instead. who wants to be known as a nation of of killers lithuanian is the only language in which is even a special word coined that melancholy the shooters of jewels and in world war two those shooters wiped out ninety six percent of lithuanian jewelry among the highest
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rates in europe but despite heavy pressure the country's gotten a weight without punishing a single person responsible they didn't fund because you don't want to fund they wouldn't want to fund they were very very easy to find joseph melamed found the last eleven years ago he published the names of thousands of lithuania and implicated in the killing of jews at the time he sent the list to the lithuanian authorities asking them to investigate as many witnesses were still alive the prosecutors have only now one said him and they want him to come to lithuania decreeing as we do not consider mr miller man a suspect but only summon him to give testimony to either confirm or deny the statements he made that statements among others detail in lithuanian court victories of a car course who allegedly to capitated a rabbi and put his head on a window so everyone could see a man called loose go who reported the imprisoned some sixty jews and again raj beat them with crowbars and forced fire hoses down their throats water was then
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turned on so they stomachs exploded all of this captured by german photographers the source of the claims i witness is who survived the wall very competent. and in their hands and rhetoric. they are. needed. this is not the first time lithuanian prosecutors have summoned holocaust survivors who also took part in the resistance to give testimony critics complain it's a way for us to avoid dealing with its holocaust history this is a campaign of defamation against holocaust survivors who are alive because they escaped the ghetto to join the soviet partisans the only people fighting in this part of the world it is part of a campaign to revise history in the direction of double genocide the very far right model that posits that communism and not system are equal lithuania
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officially recognizes that crimes committed by the soviet union and nazi regimes are equal and other european states to do the same the nazi crimes should not be excused merely because. there were some crimes. there in comparatively worse they were genocide. they were trying to wipe out a whole people and so instead of focusing on an eighty six year old holocaust survivor many say lithuanian authorities should rather at least be opening an investigation and does it matter made says he's willing to participate in an investigation for the reasons he believes the lithuanians are trying to run from one if they really are going. we. will bring you everything will be. and in the long run that seems the last thing the country would want. r.t. television. and our news and video reports are streaming live around the clock as.
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well lining up to write. the september issue charging small town of the higher ground fifteen lines changes antigay said killed by police after being let loose on the streets were telling him online. and the law says the light on who begins invention who blind pilots as they try to land the plane is filled with passengers on our face ten years jail the details are at. the historic launch of the first russian rocket to take off from a western nation is on hold for another day it's thought there were problems during fueling when they so used last friday it will carry european satellite navigation equipment daniel bush or of course not from the south american country where the big bucks project resting and russia's hands. drivers find g.p.s. navigators can often be inaccurate and actually cartel to built up zones but the new e.u. competitor called galileo promises me to point precision even in open areas where
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buildings currently mosk g.p.s. coverage to send the satellites into orbit europe's chosen the soyuz launcher with its own royal track record by far the most valuable. and i missed that. we we are glad to have so used to hear from treasury e.u. space chief say it shows you don't need to be complicated to succeed rational system very simple and effective it's a very good way of designing the politicians think it will launch a new partnership between europe and russia the way you used a country actively contributes to industrial scientific and technical corporation for example in the era speech where it is important stamp on the way to reason the level of quality of our business ties and they versification i would structures the man in charge of the law which says it's for superior to the us system to disappear that to be a majority for you to go but it should be galileo's first satellites and lifting
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off from french guiana the earth rotates fast the here by the equates to giving an ideal catapult effect on takeoff i think you round clear skies and you have the perfect conditions for launching into space america's g.p.s. has enjoyed a monopoly on the world's sat nav market till now with so use also behind bushes on such a g.p.s. known as gluing us competition in the sky is about to get just a little more crowded than your bushel french guiana. so we will bring you the historic ses launch live so make sure you're here for our coverage from french going on on friday at around ten thirty g.m.t. meantime there is this update with dmitry. russian investment group swimmer capital one a branch of oil trading giant viets all have won a tender to build an oil terminal in rotterdam in the netherlands the fifty five active facility in the largest port in europe is expected to take on a significant share of the global trade and they potentially almost double the
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volumes of oil going for. the third investment in the joint project may reach one billion dollars earlier this year so more capital and russian pipeline operator transnet purchased the port in the black sea to create russia's leading crude export operator and russia's biggest oil trade a good voice turning to other lucrative black stuff it's taking forty three percent stake in u.s. coal miners signal peak for four hundred million dollars the american firm expects the corp of will help you get into new markets and increase production gun vorse says it wants to diversify from oil trading and into coal expecting demand to grow faster than crude in the next twenty years brings us nicely to the oil price it's down continuing from the decline on wednesday on fears demand may falter in europe and the u.s. france's president nicolas sarkozy says talks with germany to boost the firepower of the region's bailout fund have stalled take a look at what's happening with european stocks they are down as investors assessed
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efforts to fix the region's debt problems there on the sidelines a sea of red all across the board financials weighing on footsie manufacturing companies among top losers in frankfurt russian markets continue to march into the red investors are moving into cash and dissipating in possible worsening of greece's economic situation looking at the main movers financials are in pain with burbank shedding two and a half percent bank of moscow's also negative territory its net profit has dropped by seventeen times in general to june enter rao a rare. early again this now down point six percent the company reported a nine fold increase in net profit from first half of this year and that there's a submission of the business news on our team headlines are next.
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major peacekeepers are able to devise tear gas that has mix at a disputed border in northern kosovo the troops are dismantling the barricades set up by locals after they've failed to do it themselves. greece's into the second biggest general strike in which has already seen violence and clashes with riot police reporters are promising protesters are promising another shows might outside parliament well the makers will later take the final vote on more punitive cuts to so this its record debt. and the debt is hometown of sirte has reportedly fallen to me because troops it is been besieged for weeks with thousands of civilians trapped in the crossfire with the new regime regarding it as a symbolic last step to victory of the khadafi.


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